About Us...

We come from Greece

"Without the support from my family, the Live Happily Store would have not come to life. Deeply grateful"


Who We Are

We are a happiness driven family because the other way doesn’t work for us.  Many years ago we decided to ditch the negativity and might as well enjoy the storms and the sun rays.  

We know how to manage the seasons of life and made it our mission to help others master their superpowers.  In our store, you will find our creations and ideas we brought to life after much intense work. Our wish for you is to get as much happiness from our products, as we enjoyed creating them for you.

Welcome to our happy family.

Sometime ago...

A Few Words About

Our Team Family

In our family business we are all Founders and CEOs and creatives and admins and so much more. We wear many hats because we wear them well and we are loving it! Yet, if we had to give us labels, here’s what they would be…

Zetta Karmas -w


The Glue CEO



Artistic Creator



Vision Genius


Thia Voula

Time Finder


Lizzi Q

The Play COO


Mom and I

Without mom none of this would have been possible

We love supporting you stay safe, healthy and happy!

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