Cell Phone Radiation Dangers and Safety


Just how unsafe is using your cell phone? Well, cell phones use the same radiation as microwave ovens do.

According to Dr. Devra Davis, “a microwave oven boils water in less than two minutes with 1000 watts of power. A cell phone is much-much weaker but people are using their phones for thousand of minutes, thousands of times.” Still, the use of cellphones is needed, luckily there are ways to safely use this otherwise lifesaver device.

Quick Tips For Safe Use

  1. Don’t wear your phone.
  2. Put distance between you and your phone when you use it
  3. Use the speaker or corded headphones
  4. Don’t use your phone when the signal is weak
  5. Use Wi-Fi protective shield like Cell Shield

Not Quite Convinced Yet?

Here’s An Interview With Dr. Devra Davis

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