The Truth About Mobile Phone And Wireless Radiation


It’s been said times and again that knowledge is indeed power. In this amazingly informative video, you will hear about another perspective on wireless radiation and its effects on human beings.  I believe that if you give yourself the time to watch this video or just listen to it, you will come out with more knowledge, a new perspective on wireless technology, and perhaps an effective plan.

Remember this. By the law of mathematics, a problem can not exist without a solution. We just have to train our minds to always look for great solutions!

For myself, because of the nature of my work, I do use the phone extensively for my client calls and group meetings. So here’s my solution:  I have attached the Cell Shield for Wi-Fi on the back of my iPhone and I did away with my wireless headphone. Now, dropping that convenience didn’t come easy for me. But the thought of compromising my health quickly helped me change my mind. I now use the good old style corded headphones and taught myself to get a kick every time they tangle up …which is always. Ah, the sacrifices we sometimes must make.

What are your thoughts and ideas? How could you create a new way of using this remarkable device yet not so health-friendly? 

Now, if you find yourself with some time to spare and you are curious to learn more about this so very controversial subject, I have another useful surprise for you. I found another great video on the subject. It is a very well presented lecture by Dr. Davis and specifically, here’s what you will learn from watching this video.

“The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation” — Dr. Devra Davis

  • what we know
  • what we need to find out and
  • what we can do now

So, without further delay, make yourself a fine cup of tea, kick your shoes off, sit back, and enjoy!

As always, if you find something that resonates with you, I ask that you spread the word.  We can all help each other stay safe, healthy, and happy!

xo Stella 🙂

Would you like to delve deeper?

Here’s another great source of information provided by Dr. Devra Davis.

Dr. Davis is an internationally recognized expert on electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other wireless transmitting devices.

From The University Of Melbourne

Looking For A Safe Call-Talk Way?

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